Taking inspiration from the geometric and repetitive nature of contemporary architecture, I have explored the bold shapes, patterns and textures of these buildings. It is this strong structural design that has influenced my jewellery.

Printing, photography and collage all play an important role in helping me to gather and develop ideas. From this I can build samples of colour and texture into three-dimensional pieces, which helps my design thinking and working out ideas for fixing and developing concepts in a quick fun way, only then can I begin to build more developed and finished experimental pieces.

Integral to the design aesthetic is the control of the moving elements within each piece, which creates a playful and surprising aspect when worn. The collection features half cut pearls, textured silver and gold tube combined with hand dyed rope and faceted corian. It is this combination of materials and shapes that capture a refined minimal- istic approach to the design.

The construction of each piece is fundamental to the design process; each of the jewellery elements are precisely built together using cold connections. I predominately use tubing with joints and connections clearly visible, each element is carefully considered from a central statement feature down to a tiny concealed tube rivet.

In the future I will continue to develop and explore this design method, aiming to pursue a career in the commercial jewellery sector, as my principal interest is in the design and product development aspect of the industry.


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